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TRUST Quarterly Notes: 2007

Investment Evolution
By Paula H. Hogan
Quarterly Note, First Quarter 2007

Investors today have an ever-evolving set of tools for constructing sensible portfolios. Here’s a recap of how this evolution is benefiting you, along with a peek at the next evolutionary step.

A Call For Conversation: What are we telling our girls?
By Paula H. Hogan
Quarterly Note, Second Quarter 2007

Here is a collection of books that together paint a surprising, but in the end heartening, story of what it is like for women to plan a career and family in the modern world. There is a call to action in that more creative and specific thinking and communication is badly needed from all of us as a counterpoint to a few trends that are undermining progress.

Ground Breaking Industry News That Will Help You
By Paula H. Hogan
October 2007

Big news! Consumers can now purchase what is in essence a substitute defined benefit pension plan that is indexed to inflation and that has competitive, transparent, and institutional pricing. This is the “Holy Grail” of retirement planning that I have discussed with most if not all of you in recent years.

The Joy of Making Tax-Efficient Charitable Gifts
By Paula H. Hogan
Quarterly Note, Third Quarter 2007

At this time of year we stop to count our blessings. If this is also the time you make charitable gifts, consider ways to make gifts in the most tax-efficient manner. For most of us, that’s easier said than done. Making taxefficient gifts requires coordination of disparate parts of your finances: daily cash flow, income and estate tax planning, insurance coverage, and saving for long-term goals.

What’s New With Human Capital
By Paula H. Hogan
Quarterly Note, Fourth Quarter 2007

Human capital is something we all have, and it’s becoming a front of mind issue in the press and in the field of financial planning. What’s up with that?

Life Transitions
Life Transitions
Growing up, getting married, having children, planning a child's wedding, planning your own retirement... we call these moments life transitions, and each has its own special financial needs.
Paula's Recommended Reading List
Paula's Recommended Reading List
Over the years, I have found a few websites and articles that I think are terrific resources, and I wanted to share some of them with you.
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