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Over the years, I have written a number of articles that went beyond my clients and have been published in various financial planning journals. If you are interested, these articles reflect the heart of my approach to financial planning and they give you a very efficient way to see the types of issues that we deal with everyday and how we help clients. For further convenience, I have also put together some collections of my work, which can be viewed to the left by category. Each article can be read on the site or through a downloadable PDF.

PLEASE NOTE: The articles listed in the categories to the left are listed primarily as a way for you to see a sample of our work. They are not intended to provide you with information tailored to your particular situation nor are there any guarantees that the information in the articles will still be current on the day that you read the article.

Public Policy and Consumer Disclosure for the Income Annuity Market
This Article is brought to you for free and open access by The John Marshall Institutional Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in The John Marshall Law Review by an authorized administrator of The John Marshall Institutional Repository.

AdvisorOne: Advisor Calls for Paradigm Shift in Financial Advice
Paula Hogan says economics-based model puts clients, not their portfolios, at center of planning process.

Journal Financial Planning: A Look from the Outside In
This article describes the economic theory behind goals-based investing paired with a robust life planning process. The result is a paradigm shift in the definition and delivery of personal financial advice.

AAII Journal: Consumer Financial Protection in the Current Economy
Here’s some good news for your finances. Just as the public health community has historically developed and advocated for effective public health policies, such as immunizations and clean water, the academic and policy-maker community in the financial industry is currently engaged with similar research and advocacy efforts. 

AAII Journal: The Role of Inflation-Indexed Annuities
The decline of defined-benefit pension plans means that the average citizen is now responsible for building a personal portfolio, managing that portfolio, and then, in retirement, deftly withdrawing from that portfolio just the right amount of cash each year for living expenses.

AAII Journal: Human Capital and the Theory of Life-Cycle Investing
Human capital is something we all have, and it’s becoming a front of mind issue in the press and in the field of financial planning.  What’s up with that?

Private Wealth Management: The Emerging New Model for Wealth Management
Consumers face very different challenges today in planning for lifetime financial security from what previous generations did. One might think that different challenges would lead to different solutions. Yet, the wealth management industry today is still referencing an outdated theoretical model, and so, not surprisingly, it is proposing outdated strategies and solutions.

JFP Journal: Insurance-Based Investment Products: Why Are People Talking More About Them Now?
In a very short time, most financial planning challenges will be addressed at least in part with insurance-based investment products - most prominently, annuities.

Houston We've Landed
Adapted from Paula Hogan’s introductory remarks at the 2007 NAPFA West Region Conference, which introduced a two-hour session on Life Cycle Investing presented by Zvi Bodie and Kelli Heuler.

Journal of Financial Planning: Life-Cycle Investing Is Rolling Our Way
Drawing on 1950s models, the financial planning community uses mainly precautionary savings and diversification strategies to manage personal wealth. But financial economists and many others in the financial services industry have moved on to a new paradigm known as life-cycle investing.

Journal of Financial Planning: The College Planning Smorgasbord
A continously shifting landscape in the area of college financing is causing confusion, an increased risk of giving bad planning advice, and high liability exposure for advisors across the country.

AAII Journal: For Long-Term Investors The Focus Should Be on Risk
There is a common notion that stocks, at least if held for a long-time, usually outperform other assets, so that stocks should be the cornerstone of any long-term portfolio.

AAII Journal: What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance, while still an evolving field, has become part of the standard insurance coverage that each individual must consider to prudently manage personal finances.

Journal of Financial Planning: A New Idea for IRAs
All financial planners work with clients who have IRAs (individual retirement accounts). Many of our clients have multiple IRA accounts, often with different custodians or issuers. Before the recent simplification of the “minimum required distribution” rules, these multiple IRAs created many headaches for our clients, for us, and for the other advisors, just in making sure the right amount was distributed from the IRAs after our clients turned 70 1/2.

The Herald: It's In Your Best Interest: Secrets Your Financial Advisor Wished You Knew
While there is a lot of hype in our culture about how to manage personal finances, there are also some very basic, straight-forward truths on which you can easily and profitably rely.

NAPFA Advisor: Planning Perspectives: Generation X
It’s easy to forget how the approach of adulthood has become more complicated, and so to assume that members of Generation X will easily follow in the footsteps of their baby boomer parents. In fact, today's twentysomethings confront circumstances quite different from those prior generations faced: a new and heavy saturation from the media, a dramatic expansion of knowledge, changing patterns of family and work life, and greatly increased longevity.

NAPFA Advisor: Index Funds Will Let You Sleep Better
This article summarizes a speech by Paula Hogan at the NAPFA Midwest Regional Conference for financial advisors in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 16, 1995.

Journal of Financial Planning: Portfolio theory Creates New Investment Opportunities
Advances in portfolio theory are creating new investment opportunities for retail customers. This article reviews the key ideas of modern portfolio theory and their effect on the retail investment industry. It concludes by showing how practitioners can incorporate modern ideas of investment management into client portfolios and thus produce portfolios consistent with current investment knowledge.

Life Transitions
Life Transitions
Growing up, getting married, having children, planning a child's wedding, planning your own retirement... we call these moments life transitions, and each has its own special financial needs.
Paula's Recommended Reading List
Paula's Recommended Reading List
Over the years, I have found a few websites and articles that I think are terrific resources, and I wanted to share some of them with you.
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